Chris Merrick

The ultimate enthusiast. Chris loves his hillclimbing and the fact that he becoming increasingly more successful year on year is the icing on the cake. He dipped a toe into the water of the big time with an elderly Ralt-Rover in 2000. This car was rapidly followed by a the ex. Moran Pilbeam-Judd, but Chris’ career stepped up a gear with the acquisition of a Gould-Judd in 2005. He has steadily moved up the ranks since, to the point where he finally scored his first runoff victories with the car in 2010.

Chris Merrick in the double-driver paddock at Shelsley Walsh


2011 Plans

In 2011 Chris will continue to share with Tom New, and their Gould Judd GR55 will be sporting Chris’s number “5″ and Tom’s “7″. The car has had a full re-build, and a new coat of ‘Jaguar’ green paint, so Team NewMerrick will be raring to get started !

Car History

1992 Mallock-Ford Mk16
1993-1998 Mallock-Ford MK20
1999-2000 Ralt-Rover RT1
2001-2003 Pilbeam-Judd MP72
2004-on Gould-Judd GR55

Chris Merrick, Gould GR55, Gurston Down Hillclimb