Jos Goodyear

Whilst still thought of as a ‘young charger’, it is difficult to believe that 2012 will be Jos’s tenth season of topline hillclimb competition.

Jos started competing in a Tiga-BDA aged 17 and was quickly promoted to his Father Barry’s Pilbeam-Millington turbocar. This was possibly a bit too big of a step for the young driver and, despite occasional breath-taking pace and a run off win at Gurston in 2003, inconsistant finishes and a few bumps followed. Re-engining the car with the viciously powerful 4-litre Judd KV saw Jos mature into a consistant topline competitor and another run off win followed, again at Gurston, at the end of 2008. However, after a  series of big shunts at the start of the 2009 season, the car was sold and Jos acquired a DJ Firehawk in part-exchange.

Jos Goodyear Pilbeam MP97

Jos with the mighty Pilbeam-Judd at the top of Harewood Hillclimb (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


After a year off (whilst working for Drayson Racing in the United States) the Motorsport Electronics specialist returned to competition and married his previous spectacular speed with a new found consistancy and focus. Having ordered a GWR Raptor chassis with Extreme Engines Hayabusa for 2012 could the third win of his career now be on the horizon?


2012 Season

Wow, what a year!

The former wild-child of the BHC top 10 really came of age in 2012. He took to the beautiful little GWR Raptor like a duck to water, managed to beat team mate Lee Adams for the first time in round 6 at Harewood and never looked back.

Jos is used to pressure in his day job as a Motorsport Electronics specialist at Prodrive, but it was amazing to see just how relaxed he appeared to be in the paddock in 2012.

Team mate Adams has retired from the sport, so Jos will have the Raptor to himself this season. The car has been improved with the addition of a paddle-shift system and a move to methanol fuelling, surely Jos can’t go quicker still?