Lee Adams

One of the most exciting talents to hit the British hills for many years. Precise, smooth, consistant, with hardly any mistakes, Lee is up there with the very best. Combined with the beautifully built GWR Raptor, Lee took the BHC by storm in 2011 in what was his first full season of national competition.

Lee Adam GWR Raptor

Lee Adams at Doune in the GWR Raptor (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)

Despite having just 1600cc of Extreme Engines Hayabusa power, Lee started with an amazing opening round at Prescott (fastest qualifier for both run offs and two runner up spots) and got faster and faster from there on. 4 run off wins, a stack of class records, and fifth place in the championship (the highest place for a 1600cc car since 1993) were the result of his and car builder Graeme Wight Jnr’s efforts.

Lee will be back for more in 2012 but, with Jos Goodyear also running a Raptor chassis, should have the benefit of more feedback & development for the package. Surely a 1600cc car can’t win the title outright? If anyone can, Lee can.


2012 Season

What can you say about Lee Adams?

One of the really good guys in the paddock, but after such a stunning year in 2011 he came back down to earth with a bit of a bump in 2012.

With his own GWR Raptor chassis having been damaged pre-season at Doune, he shared Jos Goodyear’s chassis for the whole of the season, and initially it looked as though it was business as usual for the Peterhead man when he took at win in round 2 at Prescott. Podium finishes at Barbon & Harewood and even points at Gurston (always difficult with a 1600) showed just how much pace Lee had at his disposal.

Then the Championship arrived at Loton Park and we saw Jos Goodyear breaking the OUTRIGHT hill record with the amazing little Graeme Wight Jnr built car. Lee had out qualified Jos for that run off, but spun out when it mattered most and scored a zero.

Lee bounced back at his local hill Doune next time out claiming both run off wins, but from that point on Jos got quicker and quicker whilst Lee appeared to have more and more weight on his shoulders.

Lee anounced his retirement from hillclimbing at the end of 2012, and he will possibly return to his roots on the kart tracks of Scotland.

Supremely talented, with great family support, we really hope to see this cracking driver back on the hills one day.


Lee Adams GWR Raptor

Waiting for a wet run-off at Shelsley in 2011