Scott Moran

Started hillclimbing in 1996 with a few events in a shared Delta FF2000 car, before moving onto his own Caterham 7. Several successful seasons with the 7 saw Scott mature into a smooth, calculating driver, which made him ready for a big step up.

For 2002 his father Roger Moran purchased a Pilbeam V6 and Scott was to co-drive. He built up speed in the car, which was re-engined into a V8 for 2004, but he really came into his own when the Pilbeam was traded for a Gould-NME in 2005. Since 2006, Scott has been only man to regularly challenge Martin Groves, and has claimed 2 British titles (2008 & 2009) and numerous hill records.

Scott Moran being interviewed for Brayspeed


2011 Plans
Scott will be back for more in 2011, and hoping to secure his 3rd BHC title. This year, as previously, he’s sharing the family Gould-NME GR61X with his father Roger. It’ll be sporting both Scott’s number “2″ and Roger’s “4″.


2011 Season

Scott was imperious in winning the 2011 BHC, he dominated the results all season long and although he was often pushed nobody ever seriously challenged him on the points table. He lead the series from the first run off of the year and secured the title, like his two previous wins, at Gurston Down in August.


2012 Season

For the first half of the 2012 season, all paddock pundits were suggesting that the championship was a forgone conclusion for this very likable chap from Ludlow.

However, Scott and Father Roger missed four championship rounds mid-season. The missed rounds, plus the fact that Trevor Willis took hill records at the two events in question, took the momentum out of Scott’s challenge and he never really recovered from that.

The Gould-NME combination is still probably the fastest car in perfect conditions, especially at the power hills, but there are several cars which can now challenge in changeable weather.

Scott and Roger should be back for more of the same in 2013, but it may well be another season where they miss the odd round.

Scott has the talent and the kit to take a fourth title, but will his business commitments allow the full season that it’ll take to claim the crown again?

Scott Moran Gould GR61X

Scott Moran in the triple title winning Gould GR61X (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Car History
1996-1997 Delta T824C
1997-2001 Caterham-Rover
2002-2003 Pilbeam-Opel MP88
2004 Pilbeam-Judd MP88
2005-on Gould-NME GR61X