Trevor Willis

Commitment personified. Since his earliest hillclimb days with a Westfield-Vauxhall, Trevor has wowed the crowds with his bravery and unmatched car control. Trevor has remained faithful to the OMS marque since 2000, taking their first runoff victory in 2007 with his 2.8 V8 version of the carbon-tubbed car.

Trevor Willis prepares for a run at Shelsley Walsh


2011 Plans

Trevor will be driving his OMS again in 2011, this year sporting the number “3″. The car’s performance is due to be somewhat enhanced due to a larger 3.4l Powertec V8 engine, and with the extra grunt that this new powerplant promises to deliver Trevor should be able to challenge for more wins and maybe even a stab at the outright title.


2011 Season

Having won the 2011 award for the ‘Surprise of the Year’ for arriving at the season opener with a brand new OMS 25, it is unlikely that Trevor will be making any radical moves for 2012. After massive initial success with the new car at Prescott & Barbon Manor, Trevor struggled a bit with the car from then on, with the car’s aero package coming under particular scrutiny. A couple of big shunts at the June Doune event blunted his challenge slightly, but consistent results saw him secure 3rd place overall at the Loton Park finale.


2012 Season

This is where we get a bit of egg on our faces here at During our 2012 Season Previews, neither Miss Admin or Mr Editor predicted that Trevor Willis would be in the top 3 in the Championship. We were immediately taken to task by that wise old sage Barry Lines and told that we should never underestimate Trevor’s talent. Barry, and Trevor, we are very sorry, we got it wrong!

The fastest driver finally realised his massive potential. We can remember having a couple of pints with 4-time Champ Martin Groves at the height of his success, and he said “if Trevor had a Gould, then we would all be in serious trouble”. Well, it turns out that Trevor doesn’t need a Gould….

After a Round 1 blip at Prescott when he charged into Orchard Corner way too quick and spun (although he did continue), the remaining 33 rounds of the series saw only three occasions when Trevor didn’t finish on the podium. Le Val des Terres was the only low-point, but even then he left with 4th and 5th place finishes.

2012 saw a remarkable transformation in Trevor’s OMS chassis as much as anything else. In 2011 the RPE V8 engined car looked a handful at times, appearing to be quite draggy and lacking in rear downforce. The car that appeared at Prescott in April 2012 was a vastly different beast though with new floor, sidepods and engine cover and boy did they work! Further in-season mods saw the arrival of a new front wing to balance out the new-found rear downforce.

We are so pleased that this quiet & understated, but determined and incredibly competitive driver has finally achieved his ambition, and best of all he didn’t follow the crowd. He did it his way!


Car History

1997-1999 Caterham-Vauxhall
2000-2003 OMS-Vauxhall 2000V
2004-2005 OMS-Vauxhall CF04
2006-on OMS-Powertec CF06