Will Hall

1600 warrior, ready for the big time.

Will, son of midlands hillclimb legend Mike Hall, started in hillclimbing with a Westfield Vauxhall in the late 1990s where he rapidly acquired the nickname ‘Will-he, won’t he’ (make it to the top of the hill) due to his wild, sideways driving-style.

However, since moving to single-seaters in 2008 he has smoothed it all out and lets the car work for him. An enormously successful 2010 season, which resulted in Midland & Leaders Championship will be his last in a 1600cc car.

Will Hall Force PC

Will Hall crests East Bray at Doune in his Force PC (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


2011 Plans

Will is having a new Force chassis built, to be powered by an ex. World Series by Renault V6, see News Feed. The car won’t be ready until mid-season, but when it appears it will carry number 10.


2011 Season

With the greatly anticipated Force V6 not appearing during the 2011 season, Will carried on with his 1600cc version for the duration of the year. His challenge was blunted somewhat by the lack of development in the old car, as well as not wanting to take too many risks with a car that was for sale. Despite this, Will’s undoubted talent kept him in contention at the bottom end of the top 10 and he really gave Lee Adams something to think about in the class runs. 2012 will probably be a development year for Will and the new car, but expect to see him creeping up the order and challenging for podium finishes by the end of the year.


2012 Season

With this being his first season in a big car, it really was a learning season for Will. Will and car builder Ian Dayson had gone down a different route from other car constructors. The plan was a lightweight, low drag, medium-powered top-class contender to try to bridge the gap between the nimble 1600s and the hefty V8s.

Consistency and track time proved to be the key for Will Hall. Will, along with gofor Paul ‘DAD’ Danby, were out with brand new Ian Dayson built Force WH virtually every weekend from March until October, and boy did the seat and development time pay off!

Despite lacking in overall downforce, Will had really got to grips with the package by the end of the year and even managed to claim his first ever run off win at the season finale at Loton Park.

Will’s seventh place finish overall though was made possible by the fact that he scored everywhere, he just didn’t have a bad weekend all season.

The only driver other than Willis to drop scores this year.

This consistency, combined with the winter mods being planned by Force Racing Cars, should see Hall challenging for a top 5 number in 2013.


Car History

2002-2007 Westfield-Vauxhall SEi
2008-on Force-Suzuki PC