The Gould GR59

Following a chat with Sean Gould earlier this month we are now able to bring a bring you a bit of information about the new Gould GR59.

Gould Engineering’s cars have dominated British Championship Hillclimbing over the last couple of decades, winning 14 consecutive BHC titles. Many drivers & crews have tried to go down a different route in order to beat the Newbury built chassis, but the fact remains that if you want to win the title then your 1st port of call must be David & Sean.

Chris Merrick Gould GR55 Gurston Down

The dominant Gould GR55

To date all of the carbon fibre tubbed chassis produced by Gould have been based on existing F3 chassis designs. The GR37 was based on a Ralt RT36/7 tub, the GR51 was based on a Ralt F3/2000 and the GR55 was a Gould built tub using some Ralt tooling.

Tony Marsh Gould GR37S Gurston Down

The championship-winning Gould GR37

However, the GR59 will be somewhat different. This is the 1st carbon chassis to be built by Gould which is entirely their own design and as such it is specifically for the hills. However, Gould have built the car with possible circuit projects in mind and therefore it meets the safety requirements of a full house F3 car.

Having been to Gould’s Newbury workshop, I can confirm that chassis 1 is all-but complete and chassis 2 is coming along very nicely and isn’t far behind. These cars WILL be running in 2012.

Whilst the front half of the GR59 chassis is fairly conventional in layout and appearance, it becomes somewhat more radical when you start to look behind the driver’s bulkhead. The carbon tub runs the full length of the car, from the brake cylinders to the diff carrier. The engine (currently blown Hayabusas, but other options are available) sits longitudinally inside the tub and runs via a propshaft into a very trick looking diff. This should make it a good chunk slimmer and stiffer than a conventional transverse bike-engined layout.

The other benefit of the longitudinal layout is the effect it has on the floor of the car. The narrow tub and engine installation allows the maximum possible width aero tunnels to be used. The floor of this car is simply MASSIVE!

We will look at other areas of this revolutionary new car later on in the winter, but we felt it was about time that some details of what could well be the ultimate hillclimb car came to light.


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