Bouley Bay Hillclimb, Jersey

Stunning coastal venue on Jersey overlooking the French coast.

From the beach-side start line the cars climb through a tortuous series of hairpin bends to a finish high on the cliff top.

This hillclimb is visited once a year by the British Hillclimb Championship and is one of the original 5 venues which featured in the inaugural championship in 1947. Also features club events throughout the year.

Pilbeam Cosworth Jersey Hill Climb

Charlie Smith, Pilbeam Millington MP43, Bouley Bay Hill Climb

How to get to Bouley Bay Hillclimb

Step one is to get to lovely Channel Island called Jersey!

Bouley Bay, Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5AS

Then find your way to the village of Trinity on the North Coast (about 3 miles from St Helier).

At the bottom of the course is the Waters Edge Hotel.

Facilities at Bouley Bay

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The Hillclimb at Bouley Bay

Quite a long hillclimb at 1011 yards.

Short steep straight away from the start line at the hotel, into a tight left, then immediately a tight right. A fast run into Slemans (V fast corner) then on to the long left hander that’s Les Platons, to the Radio Corner hairpin, and finally one last corner before the finish.

Hill record: 37.82s –  Jos Goodyear (GWR Raptor), 19th July 2012.


Other key information

The Bouley Bay hillclimb is run by the Jersey Motor Cycle and Light Car Club

They ran the first hillclimb here in 1920, took a bit of break for the German occupation during WWII, and now run 4 events on the hill each year, including 2 rounds (one weekend) of the British Hillclimb Championship.

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