Onboard Guide to Gurston Down

Gurston Down is an unusual hillclimb, because it starts downhill. This means the driver needs a different mindset on the start line.

After the long downhill for many drivers it’s all about having the nerve to take the first corner (Hollow) flat, before the tricky and tight Carousel. Of course there’s also a jump (Deer’s Leap) and finally a long straight run to the finish line.

Below we have a selection of interesting onboard from Gurston Down. Each is from a different class and show some different approaches to the hill. Beware though – these may not be the perfect way to do it!

Saloon Car – Andy Bascombe (Ford Escort)

Sports Racer – Nic Mann (Mannic Beattie)


Sports Racer – Ed Hollier (OMS Suzuki SC1)

Bike Engined – Rob Capper (Nemesis Honda)

Big Car – Ollie Tomlin (Pilbeam Judd MP97)