The Last Run Offs of the Year

The finale of the British Hillclimb Championship at Loton Park was very much a game of 2 halves as the weather interfered with events, particularly on Sunday morning.

After a dry practice on Saturday, rain started to fall at the hill in the early hours of Sunday morning and continued until around 11am. This had a serious effect on qualifying for the 1st Top 12 Run Off and, as the hill dried rapidly when the rain ceased, caused the class runs to become a one-run shoot out.

Championship places were being nailed down all day as 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th & 10th in the BHC were decided on the day as well as the Midland Championship and the Midland Under 25s.

Already confirmed as BHC & Leaders Champion for 2011, Scott Moran elected not to take a 1st qualifying run as he didn’t want to damage Father Roger’s chances of securing 2nd in the title race. The plan worked as well as Roger stormed to a relatively unchallenged win in very tricky conditions in the 1st of the days 2 shoot outs.

Roger’s amazingly controlled shot for points saw him finish up nearly a second clear of a trio of bike-engined cars who were revelling in the conditions. Alex Summers finished his brilliant 1st season with a 2-litre with 2nd overall, ahead of Lee Adams and Jos Goodyear. Jos could well have challenged Moran for the win but a tailslide at the top of Fallow Corner saw the time bleed away.

Wallace Menzies was another who could have been higher. He finished 5th with the Firestorm V8 but lost time when the cars traction control system smothered the Cosworth horses out of Museum Corner. This set back was ultimately to cost him 3rd place in the series.

1st Top 12 Run Off Results

1/ Roger Moran – 55.31s
2/ Alex Summers – 56.18s
3/ Lee Adams – 56.86s
4/ Jos Goodyear – 56.93s
5/ Wallace Menzies – 57.48s
6/ Richard Spedding – 57.56s
7/ Steve Owen – 58.11s
8/ Deryk Young – 58.35s
9/ John Bradburn – 59.20s
10/ Tom New – 59.22s
11/ Tim Wilson – 59.50s
12/ Rob Turnbull – 59.78s

Amazingly, over the course of the lunchbreak the hill completely dried! To the extent that Dave Wilson’s batch 1 time in the Team Pink Caterham would have been good enough for 2nd overall in the Run Off just an hour and a quarter earlier!

All of the class winners came from the 2nd runs and included an inspired drive from Force sportscar driver Rob Stevens who set a new class record. The 10 points for this record allowed Rob to overcome the title lead of Mick Harriman, the man who has lead the Midland series all season. This is Rob’s 3rd Midland title and is thoroughly deserved as his self-developed supercharged Busa powered car has demolished records all season long.

The drying conditions meant that the 2nd Run Off had a far more familiar look about it as the ‘usual suspects’ got their act together and charged to the front.

Unfortunately the big loser this time around was Wallace Menzies who dropped down to 8th place. With Trevor Willis finishing 3rd behind the Morans, this meant that the husband of Force driver Nicola had to settle for a number 4 on his car in 2012.

There were 3 really great performances in the 2nd charge for points. The first of those came from an under-pressure Tom New. Having lost ground in his battle for 5th with Lee Adams 2st time up, Tom really had to pull out all of the stops. He did that with a PB to finish on 45.96s.

Unfortunately for New, Lee Adams was more than a match for that and took nearly 2 seconds off of his own PB to pip New to the post. 4th on the day and 5th on the table were richly deserved rewards for British Hillclimbing most successful debut year for a long time.

This just left the battle for the win, and it was alway going to be one of the Morans. Roger set a storming 45.47s shot to lead until the last run of the day. Scott was a little bit ahead of Roger by the Triangle split, but a truely incredible charge up Cedar Straight (5mph quicker than anyone else) saw him set 44.32s and a new hill record.


2nd Top 12 Run Off Results

1/ Scott Moran – 44.32s NHR
2/ Roger Moran – 45.47s
3/ Trevor Willis – 45.65s
4/ Lee Adams – 45.87s
5/ Tom New – 45.96s
6/ Jos Goodyear – 46.83s
7/ John Bradburn – 46.50s
8/ Wallace Menzies – 46.70s
9/ Alastair Crawford – 46.80s
10/ Oliver Tomlin – 47.38s
11/ Alex Summers – 47.58s
12/ Morgan Jenkins – 47.78s

So, we end the season with the only Outright Hill Record of the year. It was the perfect way for Scott to demonstrate his domination of this years Championship and to wet our appitites for more in 2012!


  1. Rob Stevens says:

    James, minor correction I’ve won the Midland 4 times, 1990, 1991, 1995 and now 2011 a long wait for this one, and not without engine disaster all ways around the corner in the early part of the season.

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