The Price Must’ve Been Right!

Shortly before the final round of the BHC at Loton Park we learned that Eynon Price had completed a deal to sell his highly successful Force PC chassis.

Then, through the wonder of Twitter, we discovered that former TKD Dallara Suzuki drivers James & Charles Williams had purchased a Force PC.

For once 2+2 does equal 4 and we can now confirm that the Father & Son team have purchased Price’s car as a rolling chassis and will install their own Suzuki Hayabusa engine over the winter.

James & Charles have certainly bought a very good car. In Eynon’s incredibly talented hands the car, first run by Dave Kimberly & Richard Homer, has worn ‘number 10′ and won the 1st BHC runoff for a bike-engined car in the modern era.

You can follow the team’s progress with the new car at this link.


  1. [...] the Williams’ busa powerplant now finding a home in the recently acquired ex. Eynon Price Force PC, Walker will be fitting a standard 1300cc Hayabusa initially. James Williams with the TKD Dallara [...]

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