The Real Stevens Rocket!

Having won another Midland Hillclimb Championship in 2011, and narrowly being beaten to the title in 2012, Force sportscar driver Rob Stevens is back with a very modified package in 2013 as he pushes to regain the MHC.

Rob Stevens Force SR4

Rob Stevens and Adrian Britnell flew at Prescott and Shelsley Walsh


As well as the modifications to the car, Rob has called in the services of a co-driver in order to bring some more feedback and also to help with development ideas.

Prior to graduating to the Bill Chaplin-built honeycomb monocoque Force SR4 in the mid-noughties, Rob ran a highly modified OMS SC1 (the car now used by Charles Williams and Tim Cross) which he occasionally shared with friend, neighbour and mechanic Adrian Britnell. As Adrian has been heavily involved in the development of the Force so far, Rob has asked Adrian to share the car in the MHC in 2013.

Rob Stevens Force SR4


The duo have put a lot of work in over the winter and have developed several key areas of the car. The major areas of improvement are as follows:


1/ Engine

The Suzuki Hayabusa power unit has come in for a lot of attention ever since Rob first bought this car. Methanol fuel has been a virtual constant for this totally self-developed power plant. After starting life with a 1600cc normally aspirated unit, a reduced capacity 1300cc supercharged variant appeared for the title-winning 2011 season. For 2013 though, the power plant has been stretched out to 1440cc a move which has taken the car out of the 2-litre class and into the Unlimited class.
2/ Gearbox

Rob and Adrian have developed their own flappy paddle gear shift system for the beefed-up Hayabusa motorcycle gearbox. This system uses a Geartronics flat-shifter and one of Warby’s DTA Control Units.
3/ Aerodynamics

The most obvious area of winter development for anyone looking at the purple monster is the cars aero package. The car already had a beautifully thought out front splitter/air dam unit, but it now also features a large bridge wing across the wheel arches at the front of the car. As well as the bridge wing Rob has employed some model aircraft technology to create a simply massive twin deck, multi plane wing at the rear to balance the substantial load coming from the front.

Rob Stevens Force SR4


Rob Stevens Force SR4
Rob’s performances at both Prescott and Shelsley Walsh in the past couple of weeks have certainly proved that all of the thought and hard work that has gone on in the Stevens garage this year has been worthwhile.

Great stuff Rob & Adrian, we love to see all of this ingenuity and practical engineering going on… And best of all, with that paint job and all of those massive wings, it reminds us of the 1991 Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-14 Group C car!


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