The Ultimate Hillclimb Christmas Gift?

At the August Shelsley National we caught up with Bob Pritchard who’s been working on creating simulators of various British hillclimbs.

Harewood Hillclimb Simulator rFactorThat’s right, the hillclimb season need no longer stop for the winter – you’ll soon be able to compete on the hills all year long, virtually. Based on the rFactor racing platform, Bob has created simulations of Harewood and Shelsley. All you need is a copy of rFactor running on your PC and (once they’re all published) you’ll be able to try your hand on the hills with any car available on the rFactor platform.

We had a go at the Shelsley hill ourselves – and it was really impressive – lots of detail so you really know where you are. Then we roped in a passing Top 10 driver to give it a go – and he proved how testing it is by rolling a Formula Ford car before Vox Villa (we’re going to save his embarassment, for now)!

Bob also showed off the software at the October Friends of Prescott evening. Where Scott Moran provided a demo run up the virtual Prescott hill.

rFactor Hillclimb Track

Hills currently available and in the pipeline:

  • Harewood – available here
  • Shelsley Walsh – coming soon
  • Prescott – coming soon
Bob has plans to create further hills in the future, so we’ll let you know as soon as any more are available to download.



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