The Ultimate Hillclimb Supply?

Continuing the theme of motorcycle engined hillclimb cars changing hands this autumn we have learnt of another purchase!

Richard Walker, who runs the brilliant hillclimbsupplies website has become the latest new owner. Having shared Dave Uren’s Force HC in the BHC a couple of years ago Richard has now acquired the ex. James & Charles Williams TKD Dallara Suzuki.

The 1600cc Class contender was built by Terry Davis with an early 90s Dallara F3 carbon tub and a Suzuki Hayabusa engine.

With the Williams’ busa powerplant now finding a home in the recently acquired ex. Eynon Price Force PC, Walker will be fitting a standard 1300cc Hayabusa initially.

James Williams with the TKD Dallara at Harewood

It looks like a great car Rich, hope you’ll have fun with it!

(Thanks to Rich Danby @ for the image).

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