Thomas on Top in Teme Valley!

Last weekend saw the final events of the season at Shelsley Walsh as The World Famous venue hosted a pair of single-day club events.

Gary Thomas Force PC

Gary Thomas heads to the startline with his Force-Suzuki PC (thanks to Sarah Bosworth).


A healthy entry on each day was the result of several Championships running at the venue, as well as many club drivers taking the opportunity to compete on the hallowed slopes of the oldest mainland hillclimb venue.

Well-travelled Nottingham driver Gary Thomas took FTD on each day and was delighted with his first Shelsley FTDs. The Force PC driver hustled the little car to the top quicker on each run and held off some strong opposition to claim his victories.

Runner-up on each day was Terry Graves, part of a strong contingent of Cornish Hillclimbers visiting the historic Worcestershire venue for the weekend. Terry is still running his Gould GR37 while awaiting an engine rebuild on the Cosworth HB powerplant from his ex. Turnbull GR55.

Fellow Kernow resident Mike Tregoning was third on Saturday with the new bike-engined Pilbeam MP101, while Dublin-based surgeon Howard Savage-Jones completed the podium on Sunday with his TKD-powered Lola.

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