TKD Car Share

Last season we posted an update on the progress of the brilliantly devised TKD YV8 hillclimb engines, and now there is more good news about these exciting 2-litre powerplants.

TKD V8 Lola F3 Howard Savage-Jones

Howard Savage-Jones completed a full Midland season with his TKD engine, installed in a Lola Formula 3 chassis. The engine’s creator Terry Davis has now stripped the engine for inspection over the winter and reports that it is in perfect condition internally and ready for assembly prior to the 2012.

As well as working on Howard’s engine, Terry has completed the further two engines which are due to be used by Ian Fidoe and Tim Elmer. However, Elmer’s modified Dallara chassis isn’t quite ready for competition yet so Fidoe has stepped in with an offer of a drive for the start of the year.

The pairing will share the OMS CF09 (which is in a similar spec to Trevor Willis’ previous OMS) in the 2-litre class of the Midland Hillclimb Championship, starting from the season opener at Prescott on 28th/29th April.

As a warm-up for that event Elmer will be entering Loton Park this coming weekend with his Porsche road car, and hoping that it doesn’t snow!

Unfortunately though, this does mean that Simon Fidoe won’t be getting a go in his Dad’s new car just yet, so he will continue with the Empire-Suzuki that he acquired during the 2011 season.

Simon Fidoe Ian Fidoe Empire Suzuki Prescott Hillclimb

Simon Fidoe will continue with his Empire Suzuki in 2012

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