TKD Torque

Unfortunately Saturday evening at Prescott saw Howard Savage-Jones packing up and taking the TKD Lola V8 back to Terry Davis’ Cheltenham works.

The car suffered a pretty major CV joint failure on it’s first practice run at Prescott, which of course was the 1st time that the car had competed in really dry conditions.

Broken CV on TKD Lola

Terry and Howard worked away during the lunchbreak and managed to change the offending joint, only to have the next link in the chain break on the 2nd attempt at a run. The tripod that the CV sits in, and has very little material around it in the standard Lola F3 set-up, had failed.

Terry will now rework this part, possibly using a Dallara-style set-up before the car is out again, which should be later next month.

And to all of you nay-sayers… Who said the YV8 wouldn’t have any torque!?

The TKD YV8 2-litre V8 engine

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