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Last winter we managed to stumble across a podcast which featured a talk from F1 aerodynamicist, former hillclimber and Empire Racing Cars consultant Willem Toet where he talked aero at a Royal Aeronautical Society event in London.

Empire Wraith

The Empire Wraith will look quite different for 2014…


We have just been sent a link to an interview that Willem did for Race Tech at the Race Tech World Motorsport Symposium at Birmingham City University at the start of January.

The World Motorsport Symposium is a fantastic event where designers and engineers from the whole of the motorsport industry meet to debate and discuss the future of the sport and the industry in general. Soheila and William Kimberley, along with the whole of the Race Tech team work very hard to make this small, but very prestigious event a success. Mr Editor was lucky enough to attend the event this year, and it was fantastic to hear the opinions of those at the forefront of the sport discuss their visions of the future.

In a quiet moment during the event the Deputy Editor of the excellent Race Tech Magazine Chris Pickering took Willem to one side and spoke to him about his extra-curricular motorsport activities with Empire Racing Cars and some of the development work that has gone in to the stunning little Empire Wraith.

He also drops some hints as to what the future of this program might hold….


Also, do check out the excellent Race Tech TV channel which has been created by Race Tech’s Commercial Director Maryam Lamond, there are some fantastic interviews and techy features on the channel.


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Phew what Scorcher!!! That’s a relief. At last Willem has Squared the Circle. It was good to hear how much freedom there is for a designer to really enjoy, away from the straitjacket of no-go zones in F1 regulations. Also a chink of daylight about the Wraith’s potential capacity to cool a super/turbo charged engine some time in the future.

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