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Journalist Peter Windsor may have been unsuccessful in his bid to get US F1 onto the F1 grid in 2010, but the loss of an F1 team also meant that a very good journalist continued to report on the sport.

Willem Toet Hillclimb Pilbeam

Toet with the Pilbeam-Judd MP88 at Ashes Bend, Gurston in August  2004.


The US-based Australian, who incidentally worked with the late Sheridan Thynne at Williams Grand Prix Engineering in the 80s & 90s, writes a very good F1 centric blog.

His most recent blog post attracted our attention as it features one of the most popular hillclimb competitors of recent years.

Sauber F1 Aerodynamisist Willem Toet competed on the UK hills for many years in cars ranging from a trick Peugeot 205 to the Pilbeam MP88 now run by John Jones. The peak of Willem’s hillclimb career was finishing runner-up to Martin Groves in the 2005 British Hillclimb Championship with the then Judd EV powered MP88.

Willem is currently on a long-term break from hillclimbing due to the pressures of his job at the Sauber F1 team in Switzerland.

Peter Windsor’s blog post featured a link to a podcast of a recent talk given by Willem to the Royal Aeronautical Society in Mayfair.

The podcast can be downloaded from this link, and will no doubt be of great interest to all of you techy-types out there!

And if any of you have forgotten just what made Willem such a crowd-pleaser, then check out this compilation video from 2t4t.



  1. Pistonbroke says:

    Willem – an ace driver and one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet. Hope to see him back on the hills one day.

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