Tommy’s Back!

One of the most popular members of the big class will be returning to the hills at Prescott’s Midland Hillclimb Championship round this weekend with a freshly rebuilt engine!

Tom New Gould GR55

Tommy New in the Gould-Judd at Gurston Down in May 2012


Southampton-based Gould-Judd driver Tom New has been missing from action so far this season due to a rather annoying supply issue.

Tom has been waiting for a shaft to be delivered for his dyno so that he could bench-test the mighty 4-litre Judd EV V8 that normally lives in the back of his ex. Roy Lane/Karl Davidson/Chris Merrick Gould GR55. The delivery of this shaft took literally months and Tom was starting to lose all hope of getting the car back out again!

Now it is all sorted though. The shaft has been delivered, the engine (complete with its new DTA management) has been run and mapped, and the car is back together and ready for its season debut at The Lawns tomorrow.


Tom is really pleased with the numbers that he has seen on the dyno and is raring to get going. He told us “touch wood it will be all ok. The engine is ready and produces good power with a really flat torque curve from 7000 to 10000 so it should be nice and driveable. There has been no time to test it, but with its slow corners Prescott will give me a good idea of whether the mapping is right. Hopefully it will be ok!”

It will be brilliant to see you back out on the hills again Tom, and we bet that Kerrie will be glad to have you out of the house at weekends again as well!


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