Tregrehan Targets Trainee Talent!

As regular readers will know, whilst we are fans of the entire sport, South West hillclimbing will always be a bit special for us as that is where we first fell in love with the sport.

Richard Earle Reynard SF79

Cornish star of the 1990s Richard Earle blasts off of the Tregrehan startline with his Reynard in 1996.


So, we were delighted to receive an email over the weekend informing us of an absolutely fantastic new initiative which will be running at the Cornish Hill of Tregrehan, near St Austell, over the 2014 season and hopefully beyond.

Pilbeam competitor, blogger and Truro Motor Club member Andrew Dinner has come up with a great idea to encourage new competitors to come out of the woodwork and have a go at hillclimbing for the first time.

Andrew sent us the following info about the program:

For quite some time, I have been working on an idea to try to encourage new entrants to the sport of Speed hill-climbing, a sport that I have been competing in for 25 years and have been passionate about for much longer. I wanted to help try to put something back and at a meeting with Truro and District motor club on Tuesday night, the club unanimously voted in favour of an idea I put forward and as a result, The Tregrehan Speed hill-climb Academy was born.

The idea of the academy is to assist new entrants to the sport, competitors that have always wanted to compete but have never quite got around to it or have never quite known where to go.

Entrants to the academy, qualify by being members of Truro and District motor Club, they must sign up for all four scheduled events held at Tregrehan hill climb at St Austell, they must drive their cars to the event and have never held an MSA competition licence till this year.

In return for that commitment, Truro and District motor club, will host a pre-season mentoring session, with guest such as MSA scrutineers and experienced competitors to give advice on competing.
The club will host a Tregrehan ‘open day’ prior to the first Tregrehan event where academy entrants will be shown the hill by the mentors and on the day of the event the mentors will be available to walk the course with the academy entrants and assist with the day’s scrutineering and daily competing.

Truro and district motor club, have also offered a much reduced entry fee per event, a significant saving over a standard entry fee. Competitors won’t be eligible for main event awards as a result but at the end of the four events, a trophy will be awarded within the academy class.

I am delighted that Truro and District Motor club have taken up the idea and hopefully the academy will go from strength to strength. Helping to provide a stepping stone for future speed hill-climbers and a small increase in tomorrow’s competitors.

For further information, contact or to register an interest send an email to

This is a fantastic initiative which deserves support the whole sport as this is something which could easily be rolled out Nationally.

We will be keeping a very close eye on this, and will provide regular updates on the academy during the season.


  1. Patrick says:

    Does it have to be a car you drive to the event? What if it isn’t road legal?

  2. richard says:

    I wonder if this great idea and offer still applies if you cannot drive your car to the track because it’s not road legal but you qualify for all of the other criteria?

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