Turbo Dax for Harewood

The British Hillclimb Championship round at Harewood Hillclimb, near Harrogate this weekend features an all-to-rare hillclimb appearance from a car which has terrorized British Sprint and Time Attack events for the past few seasons.

Whilst LoCaterFields dominate the kit car classes of the hillclimb scene, the Dax Rush variant on the theme is only an occasional visitor on the hills.

This weekend though, the car which can surely fight it’s corner as the fastest Dax around will be out for a blast amongst the Sports Libre Class of the Leaders Hillclimb Championship.

The car in question belongs to Duncan Cowper, a familiar name to anyone who followed hillclimbing in the early-noughties, and features a Geoff Page Racing built turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa engine, very similar to the one that powers Paul Haimes’ Gould GR59.

Duncan came to Harewood with Geoff Page back in May to help Haimes get to grips with his new engine, decided that he liked the look of the venue, and quickly banged an entry in for this weekends event!

We have seen the car run at Crystal Palace Sprint back in 2010, and it certainly has some grunt about it! It will be great to see how this exciting car and driver combination compares to the regulars on the hills…




  1. pete lawton says:

    Don’t overlook the gwr engineered rover v6 powered dax rush of Les Mutch which just recently took a point in the run off at Doune.

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