Turpin Grabs the Swag!

The BARC South West Centre’s fantastic Gurston Down Hillclimb near Salisbury hosted it’s now annual Midland Hillclimb Championship event last weekend under clear skies and hot sun.

Mike Turpin Vauxhall VX220

Mike Turpin took the big prize at Gurston with his VX220 (thanks to Simon McBeath).


BARC SW’s Press Officer has sent us his usual brilliant event report.

The Spire FM Race Day at Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb on Sunday July 21st was not only a round of the prestigious TTC Group Midland Hillclimb Championship and the Gates of Brockenhurst Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship, but for the second year running it also featured the ‘Gurston 1000’. This saw the biggest cash prize in UK Hillclimbing, £1000 no less, offered by the Gurston organisers, the BARC South Western Centre, to the driver who bettered their class record by the biggest margin. And after a frustrating event at Gurston last year, reigning Midland Hillclimb Champion Mike Turpin from Hereford made no mistakes this time as he bagged the booty with a class winning time almost a second inside the old record in his 2.2 supercharged Vauxhall VX220.

It was a good day for the residents of Hereford as Turpin’s fellow townsman Deryk Young set Best Time of the Day in his 4-litre bio-ethanol fuelled Gould GR51B, also winning both the BMTR Tyres Top Ten Run Offs.

Deryk Young Gould GR51B

Deryk Young took FTD and both Run Offs for the 2nd successive year (thanks to Simon McBeath).


The action, like the weather, was hot throughout the entry, and records tumbled or were closely approached in a number of classes. Roadgoing series production class up to 2000cc winner Tony Adams was delighted to reset the record in his 1.8 Lotus Elise while local man Karl Chard also got under the old record in the family 1.8 Mazda MX5. In the over 2000cc roadgoing series production class (B licence holders) Simon Neve won in his 2.3t Mitsubishi Evo 5 from Lewis Fanner’s 2.5t Subaru Impreza, and in the A licence holders’ division Stephen Moore got to within nine hundredths of a second of his own class record to win.

The roadgoing specialist production class was split into A and B licence holders too, with Steve Holland winning the B class in his 1.4 Caterham Hayabusa despite hefty contact with the Ashes barrier on his first run, and David Warburton came from behind to steal the A class from his Dad Allan in their 2.4 litre Caterham Duratec with a time just 18 hundredths from the class record.

The marque sports car class up to 2000cc saw the recurring mother versus daughter battle and this time mother Dee Stapley reasserted her alpha status with a personal best in the family 1.8 Rover MGF to win ahead of daughter Steph Limb.

In the over 2000cc marque sports car class Graham Beale won in his 2.0 turbocharged Ginetta G33, a mere 12 hundredths away from his class mark, one of the oldest records in the Gurston book. But a charging Steve Holley was only three tenths behind in his 5.2 TVR Griffith.

The up to 1400cc modified series production cars class was full of incident as always, and recent class leader Neil Turner was well into the 36 second bracket on his first climb in the 1.4 Mini Cooper ‘S’ to take the win; just as well as the throttle cable broke out of Karousel second time up! The hard charging Andy Russell was just four tenths behind in his 1.1 Ginetta G15 while Darren Eaton’s efforts to catch these two culminated in a spin out of Ashes on his second climb so he contented himself with third in Dad Phil’s 1.4 Austin Mini.

Keith Murray, who took the inaugural Gurston 1000 last year in his potent 1.4 turbocharged Audi 80 Quattro, once more won the over 2000cc modified series production saloon class with a record time again but he ‘only’ carved 22 hundredths off his old mark!

Keith Murray Audi 80 Quattro

Keith Murray won last years Gurston Grand (thanks to Simon McBeath).


Adrian Flagg again held sway in the over 2000cc modified production saloon class in the family Impreza, just over a second clear of his father David, but despite this Adrian dropped a place to third overall in the Gurston Championship standings.

Ritchie Gatt held onto his Gurston Championship lead with another win in his 2.0 Westfield in the up to 2000cc modified specialist production class. And in the over 2000cc modified specialist production class Mike Rudge was only 13 hundredths away from his own class record and moved into second overall in the Gurston Championship.

The Historically Interesting class entertained as always, and Richard Jones brought his lovely Brabham BT29X home for a six tenths win ahead of Fyrth Crosse’s 1.6 Ensign LNF3 with Geoff Hunt’s a further six tenths adrift in his1.6 Lotus 22, despite injuring his foot in the paddock in Saturday practice.

The Hillclimb Supersports class belonged to Mark Mortimer in his 2.0 Mallock Mk 18B again with two quick looking sub 34 second runs.

The up to 2000cc sports libre class produced yet another terrific scrap and this time Gurston Championship sponsor Jonathan Gates came from behind to snatch the win in his 1.6 Force LM from Ketih Diggle in his 2.0 WEV HCS by just 0.27 seconds.

In the over 2000cc sports libre class Nic Mann wound up his incredible 1.7 litre turbocharged Mannic to take the win by over a second, despite being ring-rusty after a nearly two year layoff and sorting development issues on the latest ingenious modifications to this incredible car!

Father and son team John and Andrew Forsyth had a great weekend in their historic 500cc Alfa Dana, taking a 1-2 with Andrew out in front and also dipping below 41 seconds. John also set a PB despite the engine cutting just before the finish!

The 1100cc racing car class was split into A and B divisions again, and Roger Biggs and Arthur de Meyer took a 1-2 in their shared OMS Hornet here, Biggs a second clear. Thomas Poole a luckless day, the Terrapin cutting out at Deer’s Leap on run 1, and then spinning out above Ashes on Run 2. In the ‘A class’ there was a frantic scrap between Adam Steel in the Martlet and Simon Fidoe in the Empire, the former getting the verdict by four tenths as both drivers tried too hard and slowed on their second climbs.

In the up to 1600cc racing car class Ed Hollier was absolutely flying again in his 1.6 Pilbeam MP62, the only driver in his class to get below 29 seconds, which he did on every run. He also finished second in both the BMTR Tyres Top Ten Run Offs and retained the lead of the Gurston Down Top Ten Challenge. Mike Lee slotted into second place in his 1.6 OMS 2000M with a second run effort that shaded out Peter D. Smith in the 1.6 Force by just five hundredths.

Andrew Henson  Van Diemen FF1600

Andrew Henson was on top form with his Van Diemen (thanks to Simon McBeath)


The up to 2000cc racing cars was a close fought affair too, although Tim Davies always had the upper hand in the 2.0 Pilbeam MP88. Andy McBeath had an excellent weekend, slotting into second place in his 1.3 supercharged OMS 25 a tenth ahead of the similarly powered Gould GR59 of Simon Moyse.

Deryk Young was similarly always in the lead of the unlimited capacity racing car class but Terry Graves was only six tenths adrift in the 3.5 Gould GR37.Sue Young was next up in the family Gould and the returning Oliver Tomlin was fourth in the re-tubbed and re-suspensioned Pillbeam MP97.

And in the pre-1986 racing cars class the power of Rodney Eyles’s 2.7 Pilbeam MP53 gave him the advantage over the closely matched Johnathen Varley (1.6 March 722P) and Stuart Ridge (2.0 March 792).

The BMTR Tyres Top Ten Run Offs were quite close run things in the middle order especially, the results being as follows:

Run Off 1
1 Deryk YOUNG Gould GR51, 27.75
2 Ed HOLLIER Pilbeam MP62, 28.97
3 Simon MOYSE Gould GR59, 29.16
4 Sue YOUNG Gould GR51, 29.17
5 Andy McBEATH OMS 25, 29.34
6 Simon FIDOE Empire, 29.39
7 Tim DAVIES Pilbeam MP88, 29.46
8 Adam STEEL Martlet AS1, 29.50
9 Mike LEE OMS 2000M, 29.89
10 Bill MORRIS Pilbeam MP88, 30.62
11 Terry DAVIS TKD Reynard SV8, 31.09
12 Tricia DAVIS TKD Reynard SV8, 31.62

Run Off 2

1 Deryk YOUNG Gould GR51, 27.60
2 Edward HOLLIER Pilbeam MP62, 28.81
3 Tim DAVIES Pilbeam MP88, 29.08
4 Andy McBEATH OMS 25, 29.40
5 Mike LEE OMS 2000M, 29.52
6 Simon MOYSE Gould GR59, 29.58
7 Simon FIDOE Empire, 29.80
8 Adam STEEL Martlet AS1, 29.95
9 Sue YOUNG Gould GR51, 30.67
10 Bill MORRIS Pilbeam MP88, 30.84
11 Tina HAWKES Force PC, 31.05
12 Simon ANDREWS OMS 2000M, 31.15

The next meeting on August 24th/25th sees rounds 27 and 28 of the delicately poised British Hillclimb Championship and round 11 of the Hillclimb Leaders Championship, so don’t miss seeing all the very best drivers and the quickest cars in the country at Gurston, the record award-winning hillclimb!

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