Tyre Chatter

Through joining in on many paddock chatters with drivers, gofors and seasoned observers alike, we have noticed that there appears to be a slight change in the Avon slick tyres which, whilst not exclusive, are de-riguer amongst the single-seaters in British Speed Hillclimbing.

Avon Tyres

Although Avon are notoriously secretive about the compounds and construction of their hillclimb tyres, it would appear that something may have changed in recent months.

The first clue to this has been drivers experiencing some scary moments on brand new rubber. In years gone by the Avon radials were at their best straight away, you could put a set on the car and set PBs on run number one. The tyres would then follow a linear degredation process over somewhere around 15-20 runs depending on the car. There would also be age-based effects with the surface of the tyres starting to feel hard to the touch.

Gould GR55 driver Tony Wiltshire has had two new sets of slicks since he bought the car in May 2012, one set purchased in May 2011 and another set purchased in May 2012. Amid rumours in the big class that the tyres were taking a while to come in, Wilt went to the extreme and actually surformed his brand new bootys before they had even gone on to the car, the theory being that this action would remove the potentially slippy release agent which allows the tyres to ‘pop’ out of the moulds.

Tony Wiltshire Gould GR55


Despite this seemingly drastic action, the tyres still worked well from the get-go, and now (some 7 runs later) the tyres are really starting to work well.

The most impressive outcome from this though is the current effectiveness of the ‘old’ May 2011 set of tyres. These boots are still very sticky to the touch and despite being over 12 months old and having done around 30 runs, were still able to take Wilt to within a 10th of a second of his Gurston PB last weekend.

Maybe the latest range of Avon hillclimb radials have been produced with greater durability, whilst maintaining the amazing bite and grip that everyone has come to expect?

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