Update from Wiscombe

‘Elder Statesman’ informs us that big-class newbie Rodney Thorne took his newly acquired ex. Roy Lane Pilbeam-Judd to a first FTD at Wiscombe’s opening event of the year, the 500 Owners Association Hillclimb. Rodney has always excelled at the Devon venue, having won the club championship there a few years ago, and clearly he has gotten to grips with his MP58 quickly.

The morning rainĀ stopped over lunch and allowed for a single dryish run before it returned again. The event continued as planned, though it did make for a very late finish.

2010 BWRDC Shell Trophy winner Jo Hodgson took yet another Wiscombe class win in her Kings Mews Lotus Elan ahead of husband Roger to guarantee Rog the washing up for the week !

Wiscombe FTD man Rodney Thorne (seen at Gurston Down)

Wiscombe class winner Jo Hodgson

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