Very Applicable MG

Whilst always providing a wide variety of cars, the eight car Pre-1971 Racing Car Class also provided the widest range of competitors journeys to Shelsley Walsh.

Poy Palm MG NA Shelsley Walsh

Roy Palm travelled to Shelsley with his delightful MG NA


Simon Durling, resident of the Shelsley Walsh estate itself was running his familiar former hill record holding Brabham BT18, and was joined in the class by Roy Palm who had travelled all the way from his native Sweden.

Palm had made the journey to the Worcestershire hill with his beautiful pre-war MG NA.

The 1100cc 6-cylinder car was used at the hill by AF Rivers-Fletcher immediately post-war. As a tribute to the alliance, Palm offered a shared drive in the car to AF’s son Jeremy Rivers-Fletcher.

Whilst not having huge doses of power, the car appeared to handle beautifully on the hill and despite not being too familiar with hillclimbing Palm very nearly managed to take Bottom Ess flat having been through the speed trap at 46mph.


A lovely car, thank you very much for letting us all see it in action Roy.

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