Vulcan to the Hills!

Following on from our update on the rumblings in Somerset, it seems that another race car outfit have also had a very busy Christmas period.

Jo White’s ‘Vulcandezign’ team in Bicester have barely left the workshops over the past few months, with only a reluctant Christmas day off.

Fabrication and race preparation work has included a diverse selection of machinery, including Sauber C11 and Vaskanda Group C Le Mans cars, a 5.7 litre twin turbo Britcar, a ‘Matchbox’ Surtees F2, Austin 7 Ulsters, a turbo ‘bike-engined Davrian and now a complete rebuild of a hillclimb Mallock.


However, the secret project in the back of the ‘factory’ as it is affectionately termed, is a pair of ‘Vulcan’ hillclimb cars, being designed and built by Jo White and Rob Capper for the 2013 season.

“Progress is good” commented Rob, “this is a really interesting project and the cars are looking in decent shape. We’ve tried to do a few different things, and have taken care in sourcing the best components from across the world that fit the budget. It’s no secret that we’re both fans of the ‘keep it light’ principal, and building in lightness whilst not compromising strength takes a bit of thought. We’re still aiming to get the car out for the start of the season, although we have a number of planned upgrades already, as we continue to develop our ideas. Designing and fabricating something like this from scratch is always a drawn-out task, especially with my hectic travel schedule and Jo’s backlog of ‘proper’ work. However, we’re getting there, and are looking forward to mixing it in one of the most competitive classes in the Championship”.

Thanks for the update Rob, we look forward to seeing the car out on the hills in 2013!

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