Walker’s Wheels!

As reported here a couple of months ago, the latest Dallara to hit the UK hills has been rebuilt by Tom New at his New Techniques base and is to be used by former Quest hillclimber Mark Walker.

Mark Walker Dallara F399

Thumbs up for the Dallara-Vauxhall at Gurston!


The car was finished off late last week and was at Gurston on Sunday for a quick shakedown ahead of two full days of competition at the Wiltshire hill at the end of the month.

In a striking silver & black colourscheme, which rekindles memories of the Warburton/Haimes Dallaras of the early to mid noughties, the car looks great with it Gould wings and full aero package complete with barge boards and air ramps.

The F399 now features a Vauxhall XE engine in place of the TOMS Toyota that Colin Le Maitre ran in the car. This engine is the same lump that was in Walker’s Quest when it produced 220bph or so. Now, having had plenty of ‘power grease’ rubbed into it by Tom, the methanol-fuelled power unit is producing a very healthy 290bhp.

Mark found the extra grunt a bit of a culture shock, but lowered his times consistently and loved his time behind the wheel.


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