Warwick Castle!

It is always great to hear about new venues coming into our sport, and we were very pleased to hear about another new venue which has run in recent weeks on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

Vale Castle Guernsey

Picturesque setting for the new event on the Island.


Nobody reading this will be in any doubt as to how keen on hillclimbing the folks on Guernsey are, events on the island always have huge entries and enthusiastic crowds.

Our Channel Island Correspondent The Voice kindly sent us this cracking report on the opening event at The Vale Castle a couple of weeks ago. Sorry about the delay in posting Voice, and thanks as ever for a cracking write-up…

Way back to the Iron age it has always been known as The Vale Castle until today. A new era in Guernsey motorsport history has begun and as far as I’m concerned, after today’s epic performance…it shall be known as “Warwick’s” Castle. I believe King Darren will reign there for many a year to come as he posted an absolutely blistering time over the course of 13.89 seconds topping out at 126mph through the finish, something none of us could either get anywhere near or believe was possible. As he swept through the bends the crowd were treated to a performance never before seen so close up on our little Island…let alone “to the Vale” as any proper Guern will call it.

Darren Warwick Dallara F301

Darren Warwick set the pace as so often on his home island these days.


This inaugural event in our busy calendar was a treat for the spectators as the high walls and banking around the Castle’s girth meant viewing points were a plenty and it was just as well as there was a great crowd there to support the event.

Some 80 odd competitors were treated to the option of 9 runs in total including the obligatory 2 practise runs and the Guernsey Motorcycle and Car Club were proud to have been granted the opportunity to show the Vale parish what we do.

With spectacular views of our beautiful north easterly coastline on a blustery day where any rainfall was quickly dried out by the strong winds encountered, I think we all left the event feeling entirely satisfied with life. Hell yeah, it was a scary event to do, but that’s the time when you realise you really are alive, you know, that moment when you clench lots of things together at once and just hold on for the ride to finish.

I’ve been involved in this sport now for more years than I can remember and as both a competitor and a spectator I don’t think I have encountered such an exhilarating event anywhere before.

Le Messurier LemTec

The Dangerous Brother’s LemTec is back in one piece after it’s Terres Run Off shunt.


The Club worked hard to get this event off the line and we owe a special thank you to our President Ian Le Page for getting the go ahead for it, many many years after it had been dismissed as a no go.

There were so many awesome performances that it is hard to mention them all so I will list below the class winners with there times to make it easier (see if you can see me in there!!)

Quad Bikes – Zef Eisenberg – 20.92s
Motorcycles 351cc–500cc – Andy Mechem – 18.10s
Racing Cars 601cc-1100cc – Ricky Le Cheminant – 16.71s
Racing Cars 1101cc-1600cc – Paul Priaulx – 15.72s
Sports Libre Cars – Ian Le Messurier – 15.25s
Rally Cars – Gary Duquemin – 19.20s
Mod Specialist Prod up to 1400cc – Ian Shorto – 17.74s
Mod Specialist Prod over 1400cc – Alex Rosamond – 18.49s
Racing Cars Non Transaxle – Mark King – 17.02s
Motorcycles 126cc-250cc – Josh Pinchemain – 19.37s
Modified Limited Prod Cars – Simon Ward – 18.53s
Road Going Series Prod 1601cc & Over – Brent Meerveld – 17.93s
Road Going Specialist Production – Lee Corbet – 20.61s
Sand Racing Production Saloons – Craig Robert – 19.16s
Historic Cars Pre 79 – John Dean – 19.94s
Road Going Series Prod up to 1600cc – Steven Scott – 24.60s
Racing Cars 1601cc- 2000cc – Darren Warwick – 13.89s

Kellie and I took some photo’s on the day which are included in this report and there are many many more appearing on the usual sites as I write this. Those of you who follow the Guernsey sport scene will know where to find them.

Lee Corbet Westfield SEi

The Voice proves he can pedal as well as scribble!


So in all a very successful day, well done to everybody involved in both the organisation and the competition, to all the marshalls, officials and time keepers who gave up their Sunday for us all, and the spectators for being there and supporting us. Will there be another one?….you bet your life there will 

Oh and one last thing, I may not have been lucky enough to sample the cake that Darren Warwick made for today (yes he really did) but I did get to enjoy the cake Sarah Gaudion made…. Thanks Sarah, it was lovely.

And thanks as ever for the report Lee, we really do appreciate it!

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