Warwick Does It Again!

We have just spotted that, whilst the mainland is still in winter mode with just the odd test day taking place, competitive hillclimbing has already started in the Channel Islands.

Darren Warwick Dallara F301

Darren Warwick’s 2012 form has continued into the new season


The Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club ran a club hillclimb at Le Val des Terres on Easter Monday and in doing so became the first British hillclimb event of 2013.

Records tumbled at the event as Dallara F301 driver Darren Warwick, winner of the 2012 Guernsey Press Sporting Achievement of the Year award, took the 2-litre mark down into the 27 second bracket on his way to FTD.

Resultsman (where all Guernsey event results, along with many others, can be found) reports that Nick Saunders took second overall with his 1600cc El Sturdza, James Shorto hustled his Dallara F397 up for third on scratch and Paul Priaulx’s Force was in fourth place.


Thanks to The Voice for providing us with some colour to go with resultsman’s facts!

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