Weekend Club Results Round-up

As well as the British Championship event at Prescott, Gloucestershire at the weekend there were club events at both Wiscombe Park, Devon and at Le Val des Terres, Guernsey. Here is a quick round-up of what went on:

Two events at Wiscombe Park last weekend

Guernsey Saturday

We managed to miss this event in our weekend preview, but there was certainly a lot of action to be seen on the Le Val des Terres hill.

The big story of the day was Darren Warwick’s stunning new 2-litre class record. Warwick, driving his ex. Haimes Dallara F301, stormed to three consecutive runs in the 28 second bracket as the former tin top star proved that he has well and truly gotten to grips with single-seaters.

Running alone in the 2-litre class after the withdrawl of Jerseyman Jason Mourant, Warwick was spurred on by the pace of 1600cc winner Nick Saunders who was the runner up overall.

Sports Libre winner Tim Torode stormed to 3rd overall with his familiar bike-engined Mallock and pushed Paul Priaulx’s Rizla liveried Force PT down to 4th overall, just ahead of the Dangerous Brothers Ian & Paul Le Messurier.

Glyn Ridley was fastest of the insanely quick bunch of karters, his Anderson Rotax claiming a narrow win from Dave Hockaday’s TM Vortex.

Overall Results
1/ Darren Warwick (Dallara-Vauxhall F301) 28.33s
2/ Nick Saunders (ReyNick-Suzuki) 29.14s
3/ Tim Torode (Mallock-Suzuki Mk18) 29.63s
4/ Paul Priaulx (Force-Suzuki PT) 29.95s
5/ Ian Le Messurier (Lemtec-Suzuki DB03) 30.15s

Darren Warwick's Dallara when run by Paul Haimes


Wiscombe Saturday

With prolific Wiscombe winner Tony Wiltshire electing to take on the BHC runners at Prescott rather than exercise his V6 Gould at his local hill, classmate Terry Graves had a clear run to the Unlimited win with his Gould-Ralt. Graves was challenged hard though by fellow Cornishman Mike Lee, who has taken FTD after FTD so far this season. Running in a freshly rebuilt Hayabusa engine in his OMS 2000M, Lee set impressive times in the 37s to nail the 1600cc class win and 2nd overall.

Local driver Dave Gardner continued development on his Empire-Suzuki and pushed into the 38s to claim the final overall podium spot and the 1100cc Class. Having left his Pilbeam-Judd at home after it’s crank sensor failure at the Gurston National, Rod Thorne (back sharing with Colin Pook again) claimed Sports Libre honours and 4th overall in the ex. Rhys Howells Pilbeam sportsracer.

2-litre Class winner Andy Dinner rounded off the top 5 overall in his ex. Blankstone/Snailham/Frost/New Pilbeam MP62/82.

Overall Results
1/ Terry Graves (Gould Ralt-DFR GR37) 37.10s
2/ Mike Lee (OMS-Suzuki 2000M) 37.58s
3/ Dave Gardner (Empire-Suzuki 001) 38.82s
4/ Rodney Thorne (Pilbeam-Rover MP43) 39.25s
5/ Andrew Dinner (Pilbeam-Vauxhall MP62) 39.33s

Terry Graves (shown at Gurston) dominated at Wiscombe


Wiscombe Sunday

For Sundays ASWMC Championship event the previous days front-runners Graves and Lee were joined by 2010 & 2011 Gurston Down Top 10 Challenge winner Andrew Forsyth with the family MP58. Andrew immediately leapt into battle and lead the field after the 1st runs. Graves dug deep and set the fastest time of the weekend with 37.14s on his final run.

Forsyth fought off the attentions of 1600cc winner Lee by nearly half a second as the grunt of the big V8s left the rebuilt Mistral Hayabusa of Lee behind at the top of Castle Straight.

Rod Thorne & Andy Dinner repeated their Saturday result and rounded out the top5 again, but Dave Gardner went slower than the previous day and slipped to 6th.

Overall Results
1/ Terry Graves (Gould Ralt-DFR GR37) 37.14s
2/ Andrew Forsyth (Pilbeam-DFR MP58) 37.30s
3/ Mike Lee (OMS-Suzuki 2000M) 37.47s
4/ Rodney Thorne (Pilbeam-Rover MP43) 38.71s
5/ Andrew Dinner (Pilbeam-Vauxhall MP62) 39.08s

(Andrew Forsyth at an earlier Wiscombe event in 2011)

Full results for these events can be found at resultsman.co.uk and at swtimekeeping.co.uk. Many thanks to Elder Statesman for the gossip from Wiscombe!


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