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Very late notice I know, but there maybe a few locals about who are scratching around for something Motorsporty to do this after….

Russell Brookes Opel Manta 400

Russell Brookes at Goodwood with an Andrews Heat for Hire Opel Manta 400


We have received an email from Wiscombe Clerk of the Course and all-round motorsport nut Dave Pearce letting us know about a special rallying-based event happening in Devon today:

Hi James,

I know it’s slightly off hill climbs but this Sunday @ the Hartnol Hotel, Bollom Nr Tiverton, the ASWMC are running a Rally forum at 3 pm.

On the panel are Russell Brookes, Hugh Hunter and Andy Burton, plus a couple of their Co-drivers.

Details are available on Piston Heads on either s,west forum or Club Motorsport forum.

When I was at Wiscombe National, Russell rang me and asked where I was and he said he held the 850 mini class record there in about 1965. So do you think you could do one of your excellent Tweet’s or shout outs as we need a good turn out.

It is FREE to attend!

Cheers, Dave.

Thanks for the heads-up Dave, and sorry about the late notice everyone.

Incidentally, my Dad Spencer Wills would have been competing at Wiscombe with his 850cc Mini at the same time as Russell set that record. I will dig through his results sheets and see if I can find any details!

Spencer Wills 850 Mini

Spencer Wills at Sawbench Hairpin with his 850cc Mini (copyright unknown).


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