What a Spectacle!

Thanks to an experiment which took place at Harewood Hillclimb on Sunday, some of the most spectacular onboard hillclimb footage we’ve ever seen has been produced and is now available on youtube.

That clever stick Rich Danby, already well-known for using new photo & video techniques in and around the hillclimb venues of the UK has been at it again!

Whilst best known for his excellent photography through his website www.zipp.co.uk, Rich has also produced some stunning slide shows and time-elapse footage in recent seasons.

At Harewood on Sunday triple British Hillclimb Champion Scott Moran volunteered to try out Rich’s latest gadget, a pair of glasses (without lenses) which contain a camera in the bridge of the frame. In doing this Rich & Scott have created what we suspect is the first true ‘drivers-eye’ view of a top-line British Hillclimb.

Check out the footage, it sure is impressive!


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