Where are the…. 2-litre V8s ?

There was much talk at the season-opening Prescott & Shelsley events about the whereabouts of the eagerly anticipated TKD YV8 engines which are scheduled to be used by Howard Savage-Jones, Tim Elmer and the Fidoe family.

The Savage-Jones Lola F3 based car was launched on the Goodridge stand at the Autosport Interntional Show in January 2010, tested at Curborough in April 2010, and then was briefly seen at Prescott’s opening BHC round a fortnight later. The car was retired from Prescott after first practice suffering from a water leak.

We spoke to the engine’s creator Terry Davis of TKD about progress with this exciting project. He said “we have reworked a number of features on Howard’s engine and the engine is now ready to go back on the dyno”.

There was no clue from Terry as to when the engines may be ready to go back into a chassis, but one thing is for sure, the quality of Terry’s work is of the highest possible order and the engines will not run in competition until he is satisfied that they are ready to perform reliably.

Just as a reminder, the cars & drivers due to recieve these engines are as follows:

- Howard Savage-Jones – Lola B05/30

- Tim Elmer – Dallara F301

- Ian & Simon Fidoe – OMS CF06


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