Where’s Haimesy Been!?

Having been a noticeable absentee from hillclimb paddocks so far during 2014, former Run Off winner and double Leaders Champion Paul Haimes made a brief but welcome return to the British Hillclimb scene at Loton Park last weekend.

Paul Haimes Gould GR59

Freshly painted GR59 in the Loton Park paddock.


The Farnham-based driver had a promising year in 2013 as he developed the first turbo-charged Gould single-seater chassis into a competitive proposition. Good progress was made, but there was still a big job list for the winter.

Gould had a program of straight-line testing to complete and the car was running up and down airfields in the midlands until well into December 2013. Then the engine came out and went to Mistral Performance for a rebuild and conversion to methanol fuelling to help combat the high charge temperatures seen at times last season. Whilst the engine was being worked on the bodywork went for painting.

A few delays were then experienced as Paul tried to get the right people for mapping and dyno running in the same place at the same time, but the mapping work is now complete with the 1340cc power plant making very healthy numbers.


The motor was installed in the chassis during the middle of last week, but unfortunately pressure of work for Paul made a pre-Loton test impossible, so the weekend at the Shropshire hill was very much seen as a shakedown.

Unfortunately things did not go according to plan from there as the new clutch slave cylinder failed before the car reached the start line on its first practice run!

The car is now back at the Gould works, with the engine removed, and will receive a rework to the standard aftermarket motorcycle slave cylinder arrangement in the coming days.

Paul and the GR59 will be back soon, and will be stronger than before!

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