Willis’ New OMS 25

Behind all of the excitement caused by Scott Moran’s Run Off wins and Lee Adams’ giant-killing performances, Trevor Willis was steadily developing his new unlimited class runner. After scoring two 3rd place Run Off finishes, I think it’s safe to say that the car has potential !

Willis was running the car in competition for the first time at Prescott and was getting to grips with it very quickly. The car appeared to have no obvious vices (at least not serious ones), turning in well and generating good traction out of Etorres and Pardon bends. We would guess that if Trevor hasn’t had a sensible test program over the past few weeks then the initial impressions are very good indeed.

The OMS 25 looks a lot better suited to the V8 Powertec installation than the previously seen 1600cc 4-cylinder set-up. It appears to have better traction (even with nearly double the horsepower) and is slightly less tail happy on both turn-in and exit. Also, the car looks much better proportioned with the larger wheels & tyres of the V8, or is that just the boy-racer in me !?

Here is some video of Trevor’s practice runs at Prescott, the first shows 2nd practice on Saturday (and a comparison to Scott Moran’s Gould) and the second video is of 3rd practice on Saturday.


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