Willis on Screen!

Whilst scanning about on youtube recently, we stumbled across quite an interesting home shot video which we think raises a few questions.

New British Hillclimb Champion Trevor Willis is used to getting huge adrenaline rushes from his RPE V8 powered OMS 25, but the single-seater certainly won’t have prepared him for the performance of this vehicle….


Come on Trev, we think you need to explain this one!


  1. Art Tidesco says:

    By all accounts F1SE’s and even C90′s are all the rage on the Trials scene, though I did not see any on the Exeter Trial last weekend.

  2. Fenestrom says:

    Superb nick for an old purple FS1E
    Still got a soft spot for my old Fizzy and got a 2nd in a club trial on it back in 76..

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