Wiltshire’s Gurston Debut

Tony Wiltshire may have claimed victory in the 2012 Gurston Down Top 10 Challenge just in the nick of time as there is a new hillclimb talent in the household.

Hannah Wiltshire Renault Clio


Following an appearance at the Gurston Down Hillclimb Drivers School back in early August, Wilt’s daughter Hannah made her competitive hillclimb debut at the Wiltshire hill over the weekend.

Hannah has a Renault Clio 172 Cup (which Wilt seems to use on the road a LOT more than Hannah does for some reason) which was acquired from Dan Trotman earlier this year and runs in the 2-litre Roadgoing Series Production Class.

There were two other Clio 172s in the class, a standard model driven by Gurston regular David Hendry and a well-developed version driven by Jules Freeman.


Hannah started well (with a 45s run) and got better from there, trimming her times down to 43.3os by the end of the day for a respectable fifth place in class.

Good job Han, a bit more practice and it’ll be time to talk to Dad & Terry about that Ralt in the garage!

Hannah Wiltshire Gurston Down

Hannah was asked to present the awards at Gurston after her debut event


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