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Any fan of hillclimbing, or motorsport in general, will know that the Irish guys & girls are generally amongst the most committed of all competitors.

Karl Davidson Gould GR37

The Mullins Gould GR37 in the Shelsley paddock when owned by Karl Davidson (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


We have just discovered this brilliant youtube video featuring 2012 Irish Hillclimb & Sprint Champion Sylvie Mullins.

For the past couple of years Mullins has competed with his ex. Roy Lane/Karl Davidson Gould-Judd GR37 on the hills, in sprints and even in Formula Libre circuit races with great success.

This video shows just how bumpy the hills in the South of Ireland really are.


Great stuff, but we can’t help wonder how many floors Mullins gets through in the average season!?


  1. Andy kittle says:

    Yip that’s what it’s like note the run off areas and crash barriers
    The faster hill is where I had my big accident in knocalla can you imagine approaching any of those corners and you throttle jambs open
    Ouch it hurt nice to see though

  2. Gary Thomas says:

    Great video!

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