Young Young to Run Radical

Our Correspondent has had his nose to the ground and has sniffed out a news story relating to one of the top BHC contenders of the last 20 years or so.

Deryk Young Gould GR51B

Deryk Young in the ultra-successful Gould GR51B at Harewood (thanks to Steve Wilkinson)


Hill Climb veteran competitor Deryk Young has been a fixture around the venues for 30-odd years. He has driven a wide variety of cars from the ex-everybody (Dayson/Durling etc etc) Turner sportscar, through his Vision-Polimotor Clubmans car and the ‘Del-lara’-Judd. For the last eight years he has campaigned the ex-Graeme Wight Gould GR51 fitted with the Judd V8 engine he has used since the mid-90′s.

He has held the annual number nine for more years than any other driver (plus the number eight) and his wife Sue has also driven his cars starting with the ‘Del-lara’ in 2004. She has taken and re-broken Ladies records at Shelsley Walsh and Loton Park.

Now there is to be a new younger Young in speed events, Deryk and Sue’s 16 year-old daughter Carly. Her parents have acquired an ex-circuit racing Radical Prosport fitted with a 1300cc Suzuki motor for her to drive. Deryk told Our Correspondent “We want Carly to spend a couple of years competing in sprints before she moves on to the hills. Most sprint courses are a lot more forgiving than hills such as Shelsley Walsh and Prescott. She is desperate to have a go at the hills she has known since she was a toddler but Sue and I want her to serve a proper apprenticeship”.

The first thing Deryk amd Sue will have to do is to persuade Shelsley Walsh paddock office stalwart Pam Jarvie to release Carly from her signing-on duties on event days where she has helped for several years.

Thanks for the goss Ed, we are sure that although Carly will have a steep learning curve, she will have loads of fun in the car.


  1. Andy Barton says:

    Scoop again chaps! Will Deryk & Sue will be gofering, and if so, shall we see them less often on the hills? Whatever happens, we can be sure much interest will be generated.

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